We offer all of our pond services April through October. Some of the services we offer:

Maintenance Package: Our maintenance package for “client ponds” encompasses most of the services below with additional services added, and is explained in detail on our Services/Maintenance page.

Spring clean out and start up: One of the most critical steps for maintaining a healthy pond is properly removing debris and leaves before the warm weather arrives. We have the correct equipment and attention to detail that is necessary to accomplish this vital step. During the cleanout period (one day or less) we can house any fish that may be present and gradually reintroduce them back into the pond when it has been cleaned. At this time your pump will be reinstalled and the new water will be treated.

Annual Planting: We grow a wide variety of aquatic plants, including water lilies and lotus plants. Our greatest joy in servicing ponds is installing beautiful plants and watching them flourish. We grow hardy plants (perennial) that will remain in the pond year after year, and tropical (annual plants) that are more colorful and have more flowers, but need to be replaced every year. Because we grow our own plants, we are able to tailor this service to your particular needs and budget without sacrificing quality.

Pond Repair/Addition of Equipment:
We are equipped to diagnose and fix a number of problems that ponds may experience, such as water loss, excessive algae, and poor fish health.
Unfortunately, some ponds are installed without proper filtration or have an improperly sized pump. We have extensive experience with retrofitting additional filtration into ponds, and diagnose these problems and offer solutions on a case by case basis, and tend to prioritize the least invasive possible fix first.

Additionally, many of our customers wish that their existing pond was larger, and we are happy to make it bigger!

Fall Shutdown: Let us put your pond to bed for the winter. We will shut off and disconnect pumps, and recommend or implement methods to help ensure fish survival through the winter, as well as remove any tropical plants.

*All price estimating is done on site, to ensure a fair and accurate cost for our customers.


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