Water garden maintenance is our true specialty. Consistency of maintenance coupled with experience and knowledge are critical components to having a beautiful water garden, and that’s where we come in!
Weekly service allows us to address potential issues before they become real problems, so you can enjoy your water garden worry free. We are on call for you, and will address any issues as they arise as soon as we are able.

Our Maintenance Package Includes:

• Weekly maintenance visits*.
• Premium quality water treatments.
• Plant installation and maintenance.
• Plant fertilization.
• Spring Cleanout and Start Up.
• Trouble shooting issues.
• Algae removal.
• Debris removal.
• Equipment checks and maintenance.
• Fall Shut Down

By being on site regularly, we are often able to predict and solve problems before they happen. The longer we service a pond for the better we understand its variables, and are better able to maintain it. Many of our weekly maintenance customers have been utilizing this service for 10+ years.

*Weekly maintenance is suggested and preferred. However, every pond is different, and some of our customers prefer a bi-weekly visit, while others prefer twice weekly. We are happy to adjust the visits per week based on the needs of the pond and our customers.

Call us for an estimate: (603) 831-6773